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Hypocrite Reader, Issue 38
March 2014

“Compulsing” describes the similarity between speech and obsessive-compulsion. It uses Roland  Barthes’s The Pleasure of the Text in order to understand both the compulsive’s desire to destroy her “language,” and the peace that she can find only on the boundary of that destruction. 

"On Severalness"
Hypocrite Reader, Issue 29 
June 2013

“On Severalness” examines the multiplicity of the self. It explores how a person's relationships contribute to the birth and death of that person’s individual identities over the course of a lifetime. It integrates Søren Kierkegaard’s The Concept of Anxiety by considering each identity in light of Kierkegaard’s sense of the possibility that precedes the leap into sin, and by reimagining sin as the false appearance of a unified self. 

"A Lullaby"
Hypocrite Reader, Issue 25 
February 2013

“A Lullaby” explores hope and its connection to solipsism, withdrawal and apathy. It asks how one can engage with the world despite feeling powerless and overwhelmed.